Polaroid & Voicemail Guest Books

Polaroid Guest Book

A polaroid guest book is a perfect, interactive alternative to traditional sign-in guest book. Instead of collecting signatures, we set up a Polaroid Guest Book Station and collect memories.

This includes:
- polaroid camera and film
- hard cover album
- cute craft tape to attach photos
- decorative pens for a written special message
- station sign

Guests can instantly capture special moments as they enter the event venue and stick them right into the book, write a nice message, and finish things off with a signature.

Accepting bookings now


Audio Guest Book

Over the past years, Audio Guest Books (also known as Voicemail Guest Books) have become extremely popular.

This unique experience allows guest to record audio messages. Whether funny or heartfelt, each guest sets their tone.

Let the enchantment of an audio guest book sweep you and your guests away. Discover the joy of reliving special moments as you listen to bliss memories that will stand the test of time!

Accepting bookings after 2/1/24